Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Words With Nails!

Hey everyone!!

Okay so I do not have a steady hand when to comes to painting my nails. So sometimes I see nails that I really want to do but I cant because I can not hold my hand steady for some of the designs! So I found a new option!!!

This can be used with magazine clippings or normal printer paper. But the only problem is that is really doesn't last that long, but it is perfect for one night events!

I used text but you can use pictures or whatever you want!

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Paint your nails white! If there is any white on the paper you need to paint them  white. If not it will show through and change the color of the picture.

Print what you want on your nails and trim it down so it is small enough to fit on your nails.

Roll your paper a little bit in between your fingers so that it has a nice curl. Put a Clear top coat on your nails and then quickly place your paper on your nail. using a tooth pick press the edges down repeatedly until they are flush against your nail!

Add a top coat. (super super important!)


  1. I really love these! You did such a great job. :)

    1. :-) I can't wait to do power rangers for you!!

    2. I am excited! PS I am 100% better today! Thank God! :)

  2. So cute and fun, love it, will give it a try. I love painting my nails and always trying some new colors, never dared to try designs except like lines and dots. This design will make a statement. Great idea!